Kejriwal cuts power supplies in Tihar, jail term extended by a month

New Delhi. Aam Aadmi Party leader Arvind Kejriwal on Wednesday refused to furnish a bail bond of Rs.10,000 in a defamation case filed by BJP leader Nitin Gadkari and chose instead to go in jail. Read the rest of this entry


BJP strategy after a thumping victory in 16th LokSabha Elections

New Delhi. BJP won the 16th LokSabha Elections with a thumping majority under the leadership of Narendra Modi. Later, Modi was caught discussing post results strategy by our correspondent pagal patrakar.

Modi Facebook Screenshot

Modi’s Facebook Screenshot

Man forgot to watch Satyamev Jayate, beaten by fellow commuters

Mumbai. The first episode of Satyamev jayate’s second season saw some unusual response in city. Read the rest of this entry

Engineering student made final year project on his own, college and colleagues in dilemma

Mumbai. Satya Adela, a final year engineering student from a reputed engineering college in mumbai is believed to have made his final year project ‘on his own’. Read the rest of this entry

Possible headlines if AAP wins 2014 general election

New Delhi. What will be the likely headlines if AAP wins the 2014 general elections? Read the rest of this entry

What if Indian Politics [part 1]

Mumbai. What if BJP and Congress were not mere political parties but technology firms as in the case of Microsoft and Apple (not respectively). Political leaders would have been great techies and visionaries. Read the rest of this entry

Distant relative diagnosed with mild cold, Dutt seeks parole extension

Mumbai. Actor Sanjay Dutt has filed an application for a 30-day extension of his parole citing reasons that his mother-in-law’s younger sister’s granddaughter Shivani is suffering from cold in US. Read the rest of this entry

Nawaz Sharif calls Rahul Gandhi a ‘dehati bachha’, congress looses its mind

Islamabad. On Sunday, Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif slammed Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi by calling him a dehati bachha while talking to some reporters while the ongoing Indo-Pak meetings. Read the rest of this entry

Home Ministry loses crucial files related to establishment of CBI in 1963, SC dissolves CBI

New Delhi. In the wake of the crucial coalgate files missing from coal ministry, the Home Ministry on Tuesday, lost all core files of the formation and enactment of CBI during the period of 1963. Read the rest of this entry

Cabinet clears proposal for 100% FDI for importing foreign states in India

New Delhi. On Thursday, the cabinet has cleared a proposal for 100% FDI for importing foreign states which allows states like London, New York, Washington, etc. to be directly imported in India. Drafting of this bill was triggered by the formation of 29th state in the name of Telangana. Read the rest of this entry